Affiliate Management Setups & More

Setups for e-Commerce Sites

We offer Affiliate Setups for e-Commerce sites. This means that you can easily have other people market your products by setting up an account like the one below so that their payments and your leads will be automated in a very easy, user-friendly manner.

But you are not limited to just can offer many types of marketing materials including items like:
  1. Flash Banners
  2. Peel Banners
  3. Text Ads
  4. Lightboxes
  5. HTML Banners
  6. Video
  7. Text Links
  8. Full Page HTML Ads
  9. Email Templates
  10. PDF Banners
  11. PDF Brochures
  12. and more
  If you don't have some of these we can design and create them for you. You will have total control by selecting your own payment structure as there's lots of options and features including:
  1. Percentage payout
  2. Flat rate payout
  3. Pay-Per-Click
  4. Pay-Per-Lead or Action
  5. Recurring commissions
  6. Performance Rewards
  7. several payout levels.
  8. Coupon Code commissioning
  And you will have flexibility as well when it comes to reports. There's many types including top affiliates, trends, users, top URLs, banners and campaigns, day activities, range of dates, and much more. Options for export include
  1. CSV and Excel exporting
  2. QuickBooks payment exporting
  If this setup is not compatible with your cart we will search for one that is. So what do you have to lose? Affiliate Setups are also great for SEO and increasing web site traffic. Contact us today!

Custom Affiliate Banner Ads

We also offer Affiliate Banner Ads for web sites. We help you select the best options for this type of banner advertising and provide the details and set up ones that are custom for your particular web site so you can earn commissions without distracting from your content.